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We’re pleased to announce a brand new Network Marketer Leads package program – now available to ALL GPN members.
This is a new leads program that any GPN member with $20 and about 30 to 60-minutes per day can use effectively.
The new leads program provides leads of people who currently have or have recently had a network marketing business — again, our prime target market.

This training will show you how to:

  • Work with the new GPN leads effectively in just 30 to 60 minutes a day
  • Become known by 50 to 100 new people per month
  • Reach the prime target market either by phone and text or text alone

Listen to this training recording and discover a comfortable way to build your business consistently and inexpensively in just 30 to 60 minutes per day, helping you to build the business you desire, instead of the one you may be settling for now.

Scripts and Text Templates to Download

PLEASE REVIEW: Important Considerations for New Leads

Lead expectations: These leads are sourced from the internet. Due to the nature of network marketing businesses, some people will be working the business while others will have quit. Some people may have closed their email or mobile phone accounts. As a result, you may get a bounce when texting or emailing. This is typical of internet leads.

Keep it personal: You are looking to make a personal connection with these leads. Don’t use automated mailing or texting tools. The idea is a personal conversation. Use the phone and email you use every day for the best results.

In cases of no connection: If a phone number is a landline, send them an email. If the email does not go through, then call the phone number using this script:

No connection script: Hi NAME, I tried to reach you about COMPANY NAME but could not get through. Do you have a new phone number (or email address)?

No replies: For people who never reply, hold those leads back for 90 days and then resend the sequence. The timing may have been bad the first time you tried to reach them.

Above all: It takes consistent action.

Remember: All it takes is 1 or 2 positive contacts out of a 100 to really make this work, especially with our duplication rates that kick in once your prospects enroll.

With consistent action and proper expectations, you’ll find the new leads program a worthwhile addition to your marketing arsenal.

Resources and Supplemental Training to Review

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Landing Pages Mentioned in the Training

For Network Marketers with a downline use:

For Failed Network Marketers or people who want to earn money from home use:

To order 100 leads for $20, email Melinda at Add the subject line “Ordering New Leads.”

Once you order your leads schedule, your 1-to-1 Leads Package Coaching Call with Bill on his calendar link at