The purpose of marketing is to attract leads into your sales pipeline. Marketing is not sales and this is often confused. Marketing attracts interest to your offer. The system of selling turns that attraction into money.

Fortunately, as a GPN member you have a team of sales professionals doing the presentation, follow up, and enrollment for you. You don’t have to be good at sales. You only need to learn a few marketing tactics, over time, to build your sales pipeline. 

Listen to the training recording and complete your 9-step marketing plan

Be sure to listen to the training and complete the steps prior to your coaching call.

The 9-Steps to a Create Your Marketing Plan Covered in the Audio Training

  1. Create Your Big WHY
  2. Set your earnings target
  3. Get clear on your 3-sources of POWER: Time, Energy, Money
  4. Block time on your calendar to work ON your business every day, week, month, and year
  5. Choose the target market that looks just like you. Remember, network marketers are your prime market
  6. Learn and become knowledgable of the Residual Income Success Plan message
  7. Use the Core program apps for each core company you have joined
  8. Choose the 3-Marketing Tactics you’ll develop over the next 3-months (or less)
  9. Set a sales pipeline goal. 2 prospects per week/8 per month is a minimum goal to reach.
  10. When you have created your Marketing Plan rough draft, schedule your Free Coaching Call with Bill, GPN’s Director of Coaching and Training at to finalize your plan and get your business building program underway

Supplemental Training to Review

The Residual Income Success Plan

Residual Income Success Plan Referrals Training

Residual Income Success Plan Text Training

Quick Start Guides for Core Programs

Lifestyle Connections Quick Start Guide

envyTV Quick Start Guide

If you have questions about creating your marketing plan email and we’ll be happy to assist you.