When it comes to speeding up your sales pipeline to create revenue quicker, referrals are the best path.

Use the GPN-Cerule referral reminder categories list to speed up your pipeline.

Start by thinking about people who have the same interests as you.

As discussed in the marketing plan training (https://www.gpncenter.com/blog/how-to-create-your-marketing-plan/), people who are most like you are your best referral source.

Remember, when it comes to talking to people, you have nothing to sell. With referrals, your goal is to attract interest.

The 2-question script (https://www.gpncenter.com/blog/cerule-gpn-2-sentence-script/) allows you to evaluate interest in a way that’s comfortable.

It also helps you stand out from the crowd of people trying to ‘sell’ others on their business or product.

If health and feeling good are important to the person you are talking to or if they are interested in a journey that allows them to help people live an extraordinary life by providing a unique opportunity then you owe to that person to let them know about the GPN-Cerule Residual Income Success Plan.

The easiest way to add referrals to your sales pipeline is to look for people that have the potential to be interested in your business because they share YOUR interests.

In the Marketing Plan Training, we called that the “People who are just like you.”

Your primary target market is network marketers.

You have something compelling to offer both successful network marketers and those who have tried and failed.

Successful Network Marketers: Offer duplication to successful network marketers with a downline using the Successful Network Marketer Referral Script (https://www.gpncenter.com/blog/network-marketer-referral-script/)

People who have tried network marketing and failed: With Cerule, you have a fantastic value to offer.

You can help people feel good and live healthier lives. And you can show them how to join you on a journey to help people live extraordinary lives while providing a unique opportunity.

For people who have not succeeded, use the Cerule-GPN 2-Question Referral Script.

In addition to network marketers, here’s a list of diverse types of people you likely already know to jog your memory.

You’ll probably find you know many more than you initially thought about.

Use the Cerule-GPN 2-Question Referral Script when engaging with these people

  • Older people who want to stay active
  • Middle-aged people looking to slow down the aging process
  • Active people who enjoy working out and want to enhance their recovery and performance
  • People who are interested in natural health alternatives
  • Anyone you know that is struggling with an illness
  • People who want to inspire others to live an extraordinary life
  • People who are retired or close to retirement age who want to create more money and security for their retirement years
  • Anyone who had injuries in the past – sports or job related
  • Empty nesters who are looking to make extra money now that the kids are in college and they have time on their hands
  • Stay at home moms looking for income from home
  • People looking for a ‘side hustle’ in addition to their regular job
  • People who want to create lifestyle freedom and enjoy life more
  • Anyone, you know who is working a job they HATE and has a desire to break free
  • People who want to start a home business
  • Business owners who like the idea of residual income but don’t have the time to create it on their own

Cerule Specific Categories

  • Alternative health care professionals who want to create a complementary income stream
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage Therapists and Bodywork professionals
  • Holistic coach
  • Health coach
  • Naturopathy – Naturopaths
  • Yoga teachers

As you can see, there are many opportunities to ‘speed up your sales pipeline’ with referrals.

All you need is 1 referral per week or even 1 or 2 per month to speed up your GPN-Cerule sales pipeline.

Add referrals in addition to leads, social media, texting, or any other marketing you’re doing. When you do, you’ll be on the path to building residual income quicker.

Referrals provide you with an engaged team that will follow your example.

They will use marketing tactics + referrals to add speed to their sales pipeline, just like you did.

If you have questions or are unsure how to use referrals to add speed to your business building program, email coaching@gpncenter.com and we’ll be happy to set up a time to support your business building efforts

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