This training will show you the importance of consistently building relationships with your new team members.

  • Understand how to leverage one of the easiest ways to maximize your results and create sustainable long-term residual income.
  • Learn about the ROI potential associated with the investment of time in creating relationships with your team members.
  • Discover 3 simple steps you can take to consistently build strong relationships with every member who joins your GPN-Cerule team.
  • See how relationship building can lead to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars and, ultimately, generational wealth that can be passed down to your family, children, and grandchildren.

Listen to this training recording and learn why relationship building is one of the highest ROI activities you can use to expand your Cerule business using the Residual Income Success Plan!

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Follow these steps to successfully contact your new team members.

  1. Within 24 hours of joining your team, send a welcome email to introduce yourself as their sponsor to your new team members and invite them to schedule a welcome-to-the-team phone call with you.
  2.  At the same time you send the email, also send a text introducing yourself and telling them to watch for an email from you. Unexpected emails are often missed or blocked, so this step will help ensure you are making contact.
  3.  If they don’t respond, call your new team member to invite them to set up a welcome call with you.

By taking these steps, you’ll ensure you reach your new team members and build relationships that lead to higher duplication and engagement that maximizes your income.

How to see your new team member’s contact information, marketing plan, and notes

Step 1: Log into GPN Center.comStep 1 log in to
Step 2: Click Building My BusinessStep2 click the Building My Business button
Step 3: Click the Track Your Leads buttonStep 3: Click the Track Your Leads button
Step 4: On the Tracking Your Leads and
Team Members page, click on the Team
Members tab on the right side of the page.
You’ll see your new team member listed there.
Step 4 Team Members Page
Step 5: Click on the View Details button on the
right of your team member’s name
to see the notes on that member, including their
marketing plan notes, whether or not they
have joined Cerule, and other pertinent information.
Step 5: Click on the View Details button on the right of your team member's name
Team Members Marketing Plan Notes under DetailsMarketing Plan Notes in Details

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If you have questions or need help building relationships with your new team members, email or schedule a coaching call using our online coaching calendar at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.