In this training

  • You’ll learn the details about the new Cerule Accelerator Bonus that is Exclusive to GPN Team members and the power behind the combination of this new Bonus along with the existing Cerule Power Boost Bonus!
  • Get updated on all the additions that Cerule has made to their already strong compensation plan.
  • Learn how to maximize the results in your business by leveraging the new Rank Advancement Matching Bonus to create building blocks that will provide you with a solid and long-lasting foundation in your business.
  • Discover the power we have given you to take advantage of all these exciting developments with a new and improved Fast Start Plan to help accelerate the results in your Cerule business with our Residual Income Success Plan.

Listen to this training recording to learn about the new GPN MEMBERS ONLY Team Accelerator Bonus and updates on all the exciting additions to the Cerule compensation plan, current promotions, and the new and improved Fast Start Plan we have created for you to leverage these changes. All aimed at greatly increasing the income potential for your Cerule business!

Resources and Supplemental Training to Review

The GPN Cerule Fast Start Plan

Brian Lyles’ PowerPoint Slides to download and review (open the PDF slide deck and follow along as you listen to Brian’s presentation, starting at 5:45 in the recording)

Book a coaching call to review your marketing plan and make the necessary adjustments to fully leverage these new bonuses at http://bit.ly/coaching-appt