Your 3-Step GPN-Cerule Fast Start Program Plan

There are excellent commissions to be made very quickly with GPN-Cerule Fast Start Program. Cerule has structured its program so that you can get the fast results you are looking for.

Follow these 3-steps to earn between $3,000 and $4,000 in your first 60-90-days with GPN-Cerule’s Fast Track Plan

STEP 1: Reach the 1K level

When you enroll as an IBO with the Practitioner Pack, you reach the 1K level with your $1499 purchase.

If you do not purchase the Practitioner pack, you will need to bring in one person with the Practitioner pack or the equivalent thereof to reach the 1K level.

Remember: to get paid in your second month you must be active with an auto-ship, ideally with the Wellness pack of 3 bottles for $150 (just $5/day for better health).

STEP 2: Reach the 3K level

After reaching 1K, you have 30-days to get to the 3K level

To reach the 3K level, you need to enroll 3 people onto your team who enroll with the Practitioner Pack (like you did).

You will earn a $500 Enroller Bonus for each new team member ($1,500 total) + a $300 Rank advancement bonus for a total of $1,800.00 at the 3K level.

GPN can help you reach 3K in 30-days if you simply add 10 qualified referrals to your GPN sales pipeline.

With 10 qualified referrals in your GPN pipeline, you should get the 3 people you need to enroll on the Practitioner path (or the equivalent thereof) and get to the 3K Level in 30-days (and $1,800.00 in your pocket).

STEP 3: Reach the 7.5K level

After reaching 3K, you have the next 60-days to reach the 7.5K level

To reach the 7.5K level, you will help your 3 new team members get their 3 team members, so your team members reach the 3K level and earn $1,800.00 each, just like you did.

When you achieve the 7.5K level, you receive a Fast-Track Rank Advancement bonus of $750.

You get another $630 In additional Level 2 Enroller bonuses from your team members’ production ($70 X 9 team members).

By qualifying and staying on the Fast Track, you can earn between $3,000.00 and $4,000.00 in total earnings in the first 60-90 days after joining Cerule.