Follow this short guide and understand the steps to follow to build successful relationships with every new member who joins your team in one or more of your core companies.

The GOAL of making a connection is to set yourself up as your new team member’s sponsor.

You want your new team member to see you as the reason they are succeeding by taking action and remaining accountable to you.

Ultimately, they will see you as the reason for their success.

Within 24 hrs of your new team member joining take Step 1:

Make a connection with your new team member.

Introduce yourself as their sponsor and let them know you are there to help support their business building efforts.

Find out more about them, their family, and what goals they want to achieve with their business.

Ensure your new team member has joined one or more of your core companies and is now part of your team.

Show them how to find the Quick Start Guide for the programs they have joined.

Encourage your new team member to start using the apps and services as one of their first business building tactics.

Be supportive and helpful, so they get to know you as someone that wants to see them succeed. 


Get to know your new team member.

Develop a connection to start building the Know, Like, and Trust factor with your new team member.

Listen and offer suggestions on how your new team member can get started and rolling forward successfully with you as their sponsor. 

Within 7 days of Step 1, take Step 2: 

Take the leadership role with every new team member. Be a great sponsor.

Make sure they have completed their marketing plan training on the GPN blog and have had their coaching call to finalize their marketing plan.

If your team member has not, get their commitment to set a time when they will complete the work and reset your Step 2 meeting.

Assuming they now have completed their coaching call and have their marketing plan created, ask them about their BIG WHY.

What did they commit to achieving in their BIG WHY during their marketing plan process?

Find out why that is important for them to achieve.

Reinforce the importance of the marketing plan that your new team member set in their coaching call.

Find out about the marketing tactics they committed to and share any insights you discovered by using those marketing tactics, as applicable.

Make sure your new team member understands how to stand out by sharing the Residual Income Success Plan rather than talking about or pitching a company, like everyone else in the industry.

Let them know this is a long-term journey and not a 1 or 2-month process. If they stay on track with their plan and take consistent action on a weekly and monthly basis and don’t quit, they WILL create success and achieve their financial goals.

Ask about their sales pipeline goal and let them know you are interested in helping them to achieve it. Invite them to reach out with questions or if they encounter issues.


Continue to build trust with your new team member. Listen and offer suggestions about how your new team member can keep their progress moving forward.

You want to be there to guide your new team member so that they “blame” you when they start earning money – you are their sponsor, let them know you care about their success.

Within 14 days of Step 2, take Step 3: 

This is where you are holding them accountable to their sales pipeline goals.

Find out if they are going to achieve, exceed, or fall short of the sales pipeline goals they set.

If they will exceed or reached the goal, congratulate them.

Let them know that when they keep hitting their monthly sales pipeline goals, they are building a long-term asset and setting themselves up for success and long term residual income.

If they did not achieve their goal, let them know it’s common in the first month. Be understanding yet firm.

Find out if they kept their time and marketing budget commitments created in their marketing plan.

If not, show them what you are doing to stay on track by blocking time on your calendar to take consistent action and setting aside money to ensure consistency in your marketing.


Take the leadership role. Hold your new team member accountable to the plan they created in coaching.

Refer to training in the Residual Income Success Plan area of the GPN Blog at for more details on any marketing tactic they have questions about.


At a minimum every 30-days, preferably more often, check in with your new team member to see how they are doing.. Celebrate every ‘win.’ When your team member achieves their pipeline goal, they created a BIG WIN.

When a team member has a new member on their team, congratulate them and ensure they are taking these same steps to support their new team member as you have taken with them!

Reinforce the understanding that building a business is a long-term effort. Your team member must work on their business consistently to succeed.

If they stay on track with their plan and take consistent action on a weekly and monthly basis and don’t quit, they WILL create success and achieve their financial goals.

Encourage them to expand on their marketing tactic(s) once they have successfully mastered their current marketing tactic(s).

If they are struggling with their current marketing tactic(s), suggest they get additional guidance by emailing

If life events kept them from working on their business, be understanding. Let them know not to try to catch-up but to start from where they are today.

Your team members will get discouraged from time to time. Be their understanding sounding board but also let them know that success occurs for people who work their business consistently and persevere through difficult times — i.e., don’t quit

Share your experiences. Let them know what you are doing that is working and building your pipeline.

Leading a team takes determination and consistent relationship-building effort.

Taking the time to being a great sponsor for your team members pays off long-term.

You’ll create an engaged team that is successfully taking action to build their business consistently. And, of course, you succeed with higher residual income.

If you have questions about building relationships with your team members, email, and we’ll be happy to help.