In these inspiring episodes of the Network Marketing Magazine Podcast, join Host Ghazala Jabeen, Network Marketing Magazine Founder/CEO George Madiou, Success By Design Founder Russ DeVan, and GPN CEO/Founder Denis Vachon as they unveil their vision to revolutionize network marketing, making it accessible and successful for the 97% who struggle with traditional methods. Dive into their unique approach that prioritizes principles, community, and individualized strategies that are comfortable to follow to eliminate the daunting sales aspect, ensuring higher success rates on the path to residual income.

Listen to EPISODE 1: Changing the Network Marketing Landscape >

This episode dives deep into how GPN and the Residual Income Success Plan are redefining success in network marketing. Denis shares his passionate vision for transforming the industry, making MLM a comfortable and achievable journey for everyone.

Listen to EPISODE 2: Change the Way You View Network Marketing Forever >

Discover how GPN simplifies the Network Marketing business model, making success accessible through their innovative approach—eliminating sales hurdles and skyrocketing duplication rates from 3% to over 75%, leading to a staggering 90% retention.