Business Cards

One of the most fundamental marketing tactics you can use is handing out business cards.

Select from 6-different design options. iXQtv Business Cards are available in both small or large quantities.

iXQtv provides you with top-notch business cards, with your name, contact info, and landing page link included.


Brochures give details and build interest in iXQtv quickly.

These high quality brochures provide complete information on the iXQtv Live Streaming service and include your name, landing page link, and contact details.

Brochures are a great way to build credibility and to let your prospects know exactly what iXQtv is all about.


Flyers are great for in-person marketing. Business networking events, trade shows, anywhere you are engaging with people in-person.

Simply hand them out and let the flyer tell your story, give your contact details and landing page link for more information.

High quality, inexpensive, and effective. Flyers are a great marketing tactics for engaging with people you meet.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers are the ultimate in neighborhood marketing.

Simply print them, and hang them on doors of homes in your area (where permitted).

You can hang them yourself or hire someone to go door-to-door for you.

You’ll reach people who you would never meet any other way with your marketing message and landing page link.