by Lianne Bremer

I know a professional networker who has experienced a modicum of success.  He has made millions, lost millions, and yet keeps trudging along.

I am watching him now as he builds another company from scratch.  He exudes personality, promises, and a polished skill.  People meeting him for the first time are utterly enchanted.  They are sucked into his vortex of excitement and hope.

However, I have noticed a huge disconnect with this man.  He promises his time, his tutelage, and his assistance, and yet when the new recruit tries to connect with him again, he vanishes.  Phone calls are never returned.  Promises are never kept.

Is the man successful? Well, he does make money, but not as much as he could.  He is constantly reinventing himself and his downline, because he goes through people almost as fast as he goes through money.

This is not network marketing.  This is how scams are perpetuated.  You cannot build a business on promises you have no intention of keeping.  You cannot recruit people to build a business if you lure them in with a commitment to help them, promote them, and then vanish into thin air.

When you first step into the networking waters, you have to know that the entire house of cards is built on the quality of your relationships, and your ability to be consistent with them.  If you promise to be on a three-way call with someone, you’d better be available and on your game.

Too much of the bad press about networking is due to the lack of integrity in relationships. So, integrity, honesty, and consistency have to be the watchwords that lead to success.

If you are real with people, you will build a real organization of committed individuals.  And that is true success.