About GPN Team Building Your Business
Denis Vachon Denis Vachon
CEO, President, Founder

I bring to GPN nearly 20 years of corporate business experience, the majority of which were with one of the largest global accounting, tax and consulting firms. I am very proud to have combined this corporate expertise with nearly 10 years of experience working within the MLM/Network Marketing arena.

I have seen many different business models through my career and I truly believe that the MLM/Network Marketing business model is the most powerful and rewarding model that exists anywhere in the world. It truly enables individuals to create a home-based business with low start-up costs, significant upside on revenues and the flexibility to put their priorities where most people want to put them and where they should be; on family and personal objectives or dreams that are important to them. That is why it is with great frustration that I continued to witness a very high degree of failure amongst individuals that attempted to build their home-based business through the MLM business model.

When I left my corporate career I was singularly focused on leveraging my experience and determination to create a business model that overcame the many challenges and pitfalls of Network Marketing that have existed over the past 50+ years. I knew this would enable the average person, regardless of experience or background, to be able to create success in their home-based business. To witness the transition of this powerful business model called MLM into an empowering experience for many more individuals through our evolutionary Nurture Marketing business model has been a dream come true.

I have been able to create successes in MLM and am able to now work from home and participate more actively in the lives of my 4 children. I am very passionate about my family and the flexibility I now have to spend quality time with them as a coach on the soccer pitch, as an enthusiastic parent in the stands for a basketball or hockey game or to be a part of their many other activities. I am equally passionate about our vision to help as many people as possible create success in their MLM business through our Nurture Marketing model and have them be able to experience the same luxuries I have been able to enjoy; financial freedom and more quality time with my family.

Our long term vision with GPN is to not only change the face of MLM/Network Marketing but to make the world we live in a better place by providing more people the opportunity to free themselves from the boundaries imposed on us by the corporate world as we know it today. Let's go out there and make it happen together!