Clarifying Your Needs in a Home Business

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I read an article this morning on one of my favorite blogs, A Smart Bear, delineating some thought processes a mom returning to work might consider.  While one the surface the article seemed to be narrowly written for women returning to work after having children, the author makes some very important points that refer to all of us creating a home business.

In the article, Entrepreneurial Re-entry — Businesses for Moms, Jason Cohen suggests that someone returning to work needs to evaluate their personal priorities in the future work environment.

“It’s most useful for a person to stack-rank their requirements.  Listing just a few:

MONEY (you must/want to make)
INTERACTION (with humans)
INTELLECTUALNESS (which is actually a word!)
CAREER (professional momentum)

For example, one person might value INTERACTION/CAREER above FLEXIBILITY, so she might commute as an HR mediator in order to physically be around people and build her network, even if that means having to work around other peoples’ schedules.

Or another person might value MONEY/FLEXIBILITY over INTELLECTUALNESS/CAREER, and select a one-person Internet-based business where daily activities are mundane but she can use her computer prowess and operational intelligence to pull down $7,000/mo in her jammies.”

He goes on to say that it is hard work to create a home business that fulfills all the requirements you might have.  He likens this process to a start-up business. “In fact, this is a startup — the startup of your life, with constraints and competition but also limitless possibility for those willing to put in the energy and creativity. And it might fail the first time, or even the second time, but the math says that repeated attempts are in fact likely to produce eventual success.

Remember, the reason you are opting to have a home-business is to design a life-style just the way you want.  It might be hard going at first, but becoming clear about what your priorities are is a very important first step.


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